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"I am aware that it takes courage to reach out and talk about uncomfortable issues. I work in a non-judging, compassionate and accepting manner. I encourage you to talk about your challenges and together we will develop a plan of action. Why continue to go it alone, when help is available?"

Specializing in:

Goal setting: Helping you clarify your values & Life goals

Weight Loss & Body Issues
Eating Disorders

Anxiety/Stress, Life Balance, Depression, Compulsions,Sleep issues.

Addictions to: Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Nicotene, Spending, Gambling, Relationships, Co-dependency and more...

Social Anxiety and Agoraphobia

Self Esteem, Confidence, Relationship Issues

Isobel McGrath, LMHC, CAC, DMP, CHT - Counseling, hypnotherapy, dreamwork

Individuals, Couples, Groups, Workshops, Presentations

Telephone Sessions and Internet Distance Counseling(Skype)

Motivational & Hypnosis CD's

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Custom Designed CD Programs to assist You Make the Change You Desire


"I want to thank you for giving me the skills I need to combat my anxiety. I was having trouble sleeping again, and I put your sleep cd in and I quickly fell asleep. I hadn't had a good night's sleep in two weeks and remembered your cd, and while listening to it, remembered everything we discussed in out sessions. Thank you so much". Amber, St. Augustine, FL.

"After 1 session I began to notice my motivation to reduce my weight increased. I joined the YMCA and began swimming again."
Margaret Delaney, Danbury, CT.

"We have received your Cd's and ar now using them. We had used the Sleep CD which works very well to quell the busy mind and help us sleep. It works just like you have said, if you use for 30 days, your mind is entrained to the process and one falls asleep quickly, if you wake in the night, put it on and you will fall back into restful sleep. We are currently working on the stress relief cd and weight loss cd. Your voice is very relaxing. We will be recommending your work to others." Thanks Marge and Robert, Sourth Carolina.

"I have been a non-smoker for 3 years now. The hypnosis helped me stay on track."
Henry McAleese, Ireland.

"I attended a group hypnosis session for weight loss, so far I have reduced my weight by 53lb.s.
Lori, The Purple Moon, Danbury, CT.

"I took Isobel's Stop Smoking Hypnosis workshop over 5 years ago and I've never went back to smoking". Celia Lavitan, Proprietor of The Purple Moon, Danbury, CT.

"Isobel is incredibly gifted in her ability to incorporate indicidual needs into her sessions. She has assisted me handle major eye surgery, helped me lose weight and provided me with the courage to take some major risks in my life. She intuitively knows what method of counseling will be helpful. The individualized tapes she has made for me have been powerful reinforcement. She has provided me with skills to last a lifetime". Nancy Weston, Danbury, CT.

"Isobel has helped me control my eating, I used to be a sugar addict, craving sweet foods all the time. Isobel helped me resove the emotions I was trying to hide from and now I no longer have the cravings. I am in control". Joy Woods, Ridgefield, CT.

"I can't say enought to describe my gratitude to you, Isobel. I honestly credit you with my successful (second Half) pregnancy and birthing experience. I came to you 20 weeks pregnant, after being told my baby was at an unhealthy weight - so underweight that the doctors told me I'd likely lose the baby if I didn't either go on major drugs or find another way (Ie. YOU), to de-stress/calm down - just "stop" the whirlwind in my mind and hence body. Using hypnosis you were able to calm (apparent) fears and re-instill the confidence in me to control my life. Thank you so much for being such a strong force in my positive psychological, emotional and physical state. My pregnancy went full term and I gave birth in 5 hours to a beautiful, healthy son. It was totally mind over body.Thanks again for our life". Tangia Stergue, Redding, CT.

"Isobel guided me through visualizations and affirmations related to my fear of driving, reminding me of truths, such as, my normal ability to drive competently, and supplying gentle directives, such as, "You drive with caution and awareness of others on the road". My fear was related to an underlying childhood fear, and Isobel lead me through some old emotional pain and out again. When the time for departure arrived, I felt amazingly free - free from fear, and have been ever since". Chris Slawinski, CT

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